How to Maintain Freshly Painted Walls?

How to Maintain Freshly Painted Walls?

No matter how captivating it may look, the maintenance of your newly painted walls is all it takes to make them durable and protect the sheen, as suggested by the experts at Next Door Painters. We are not only speaking about the interiors but the exterior walls as well. You may be wondering if the exterior walls are barely touched by anyone and neither there are wall decorations or furniture that might leave behind stains and scratches, so why should you be concerned about their maintenance?

Once a fresh coat of paint is applied on the exterior surfaces, you do not bother much about its upkeep. It does sound familiar, right? Since most of us are too indulged in soaking in the beauty of the flawless vibrant color, we pay much less attention to post-application care. However, it is one of the most significant aspects of exterior painting that ensure its longevity while preserving its lustre and aesthetics.

Maintenance Guide

Who wouldn’t want to have flawless blemish-free walls becoming the talk of the neighbourhood? Getting a new layer of paint by Next Door Painters can transform the look of your house drastically. Most people find it to be the best way to renovate their abode and uplift the mood too. Nonetheless, to keep the paint looking striking even after years, it is essential to take proper care of it.

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We have listed down some of the useful tips that will help you in the maintenance initiative:

  • Post-paint care begins way before the first coat of paint is applied! Yes! You have heard it right! Professional exterior painters take adequate measures to prepare the surface before paint application. It not only smoothens out the surface getting rid of bumps and dirt but also aids in better paint adhesion. In other words, you are less likely to encounter peeling paint! Since exterior surfaces are persistently exposed to heat, rain, dust and pollution, pressure washing is a very reliable technique to do away with contaminants and dried-out paint. No more sloppy finishes!
  • The best time to paint your house’s exterior is summer. The weather remains calm with less humidity and excessive cold. It allows the paint to cure faster. Thus you do not require to wait long after the administration of each paint layer.
  • After exterior painting services, keep a special note of spills and stains. We recommend you wipe off or clean away such unwanted messes promptly (ideally before they dry). The longer you keep them, the tougher it gets to remove them. It can also damage the paint if you scrub too hard while getting rid of the smear.
  • Do not let your toddler or pet ramble around the house. Scribbling or scratching on the walls is always their favorite pastime respectively! Dirty hoof marks and ink stains are common problems that must be dealt with carefully.
  • Dusting your freshly painted walls with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner is a great way to prevent the accumulation of dust. It is one of the major culprits behind the shabby and washed-out look of the paint. To keep the lustre intact, do not let settled dust stick for a long time.

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Bottom Line

Hiring one of the most reliable exterior painting companies in your locality like Next Door Painters will earn you impressive results certainly, worth all the money you spend. However, it is the maintenance that matters in the end. Failure to do so will curtail the years of service life and also lay a negative impact on your property’s value. So take care till you can!

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